Decades after a formal gathering goes horribly awry, a nation prepares to carry out its first execution in over thirty years. In the midst of the political debate, Garret works on what could be the key to curing the plague of the 20th century. When the truth surrounding the mysterious disappearance of his father surfaces, the young scientist dives deeper into the secrets behind his family and an impending execution. As he closes in on the truth, the hunt begins for an age-old secret that could be the greatest milestone in cancer research. A secret others vowed to keep hidden at all costs, someone from his past will stop at nothing to protect it. As Garret closes in on the key, he faces a betrayal from the one person he trusts most. An annual weekend getaway holds the link to solving a mystery that distorts the lines of reality, and guards the secrets surrounding Garret’s family, lovers, and himself. An explosive tale of life, love, death and deception, everyone has something to hide and nothing is, as it seems.  The truth could kill you.

Screenplay: Montgomery Evans
Story by: Montgomery Evans

Creating Life Through Art