Naïve to the film industry, Emma Pisano and Gavin Estes, two struggling screenwriters from Ohio, decide to head west to Los Angeles with the hopes of selling their script. What better way to see and be seen than at the upcoming Academy Awards? In a town known for being a melting-pot of anyone and everyone, these two childhood friends get quite a bit more than they bargained for. The one thing that sets these two writers apart from everyone else…they just happen to be the spitting images of two of Hollywood’s highest profile celebrities. Unaware of their pseudo-celebrity status, Emma and Gavin unknowingly cause the true stars grief and bad press. As the two writers quickly become accustomed to the star treatment they are receiving, selling a screenplay should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, they are oblivious to the fact that they are taking two well-respected actors down in flames as they do it. In this over the top comedy that spoofs Hollywood, a complete reversal of fortune rockets two unknowns to stardom, while the star power of two established actors fade with the sunset over the Hollywood Hills.

Screenplay: Montgomery Evans & Vanessa Ionta-Wright
Story by: Montgomery Evans & Vanessa Ionta-Wright

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