Pure Grain Productions founder is Montgomery Evans. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the company, having performed in various executive management roles over the last two decades.  Montgomery spent fifteen years working for some of the country’s largest film exhibitors; he brings a demonstrated knowledge of the business to Pure Grain Productions. As a former professor for The University of Cincinnati and a federal law enforcement officer, Montgomery encompasses professionalism, leadership, and integrity.

Montgomery is originally from Ohio but calls coastal South Carolina home. He has formal training in the sciences and entertainment business, having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences, a Master of Science degree in Microbiology & Immunology, and a Master of Science degree in Entertainment Business. Montgomery is a published author, has co-authored research briefs for a variety of presentations, and is recognized as contributing author on additional articles.

Montgomery has been independently writing feature-length film scripts since 2000. He brings a diverse skill set to any environment. It is this set of skills and his demeanor that allows him to excel as an independent entertainment business professional. Montgomery enjoys writing, reading, and good conversation. Camping, hiking, water skiing, sand volleyball, swimming, or a lazy day of hanging out on the boat are definitely on his list of activities. He loves culture and experiencing new places and people, is an avid student of the Italian language, and loves all styles and types of food.

Montgomery produces quality films of substance and depth, as well as those that are just good-old movie-going fun. He is ambitious, adaptive, imaginative, and foremost, passionate about the screen and the words written for it. From horror to comedy and drama, Montgomery has laid the foundation for deriving the perfect formula for creating life through art. He is the heart and soul behind Pure Grain Productions.

Creating Life Through Art